Play Platoon Yardzee Outdoor Game, Bucket, Wooden Dice-6 Lawn Dice & Score Cards

Yard Dice
A Jumbo Outdoor Game
Provides hours of entertainment for families and groups of all ages. Ideal for parties, barbecues, cookouts, tailgates, get-togethers, weddings, family reunions and more!
Made of Premium, Durable Wood
Play Platoon Lawn Dice are strong and durable with premium wood and solid construction, ensuring they'll last you and your loved ones for years.
Hours of Outdoor Entertainment
Upon ordering your yard dice set, you'll receive an email with instructions for 3 different games. Lawn dice games combine strategy and luck for an addictive, competitive outdoor game.
Comes with Carry Bag and Scoreboard
Includes a free scoreboard for your convenience and a collapsible bucket with a handle for easy transportation on-the-go.