12 Foot Play Parachute with 16 Handles - New & Improved Design - Multicolored Parachute for Kids

Tons of Group Games

Trading Places: Call out a birthday month, color, or preassigned number and have kids run under the play parachute and trade places before the parachute falls.

Parachute Ball: Each half of the large parachute for kids is a different team. A ball is placed in the middle. Each team tries to knock the ball off the other team's half of the chute by making waves.

Bubble: On the count of three, everyone lifts the childrens play parachute as high as they can, then steps inside and sits down, creating an air bubble.

Popcorn: Place small balls on the kids parachute and wave it up and down to make them bounce like popcorn.

Durable, Reinforced Handles

Unlike other parachutes for kids, the Play Platoon Play Parachute features strong reinforced handles designed to withstand heavy use and stay attached. We know that kids play rough, but this durable kids play parachute is ready.

More Handles for More Fun

We doubled the number of handles on the average 12' kids parachute, so more children can play and have fun at the same time. Makes a great group game for parties, schools, church groups, clubs, and other organizations.

Perfect for Educational Play

Play parachutes build teamwork and cooperation, increase upper body strength, enhance motor skills and coordination, all while being a fun and exciting game.

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Product Specifications

  • NOW MORE DURABLE - Reinforced handles are extra strong and won't rip off even with heavy use.
  • 12 FOOT WITH 16 HANDLES allows more kids to play and have fun at the same time. Perfect for parties!
  • TEACHES COOPERATION and enhances motor skills through group games.
  • MESH CENTER allows good airflow. Great for both indoor and outdoor play.
  • INCLUDES CARRY BAG for easy transport and storage.